Gloomy Sauce Collection

Mimi & Neko Release 12.01.24


Kawaii Sosu : Where Cute Characters Meet Delicious Sauces!

At Kawaii Sosu, we believe that food should be an experience that not only delights your taste buds but also brings a smile to your face. That’s why we’ve created a culinary haven where cute characters and delectable flavors come together in perfect harmony.

About Us

Kawaii Sosu is more than just a sauce shop; it’s a world of culinary creativity and cuteness! Our mission is to infuse every meal with a dash of joy and playfulness. We’re passionate about curating a delightful range of sauces and condiments inspired by your favourite cute characters.

Worldwide Shipping

We believe that everyone, no matter where you are, should have access to these delightful flavours. That’s why we offer worldwide shipping, reaching kitchens across the UK, North America, Canada, and Europe.

- Sincerely Kawaii Sosu Team